My time at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Last week I had the privilege, for the second time, to go the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and teach cyber security concepts to NASA employees and contractors. I had previously been there and taught an ICS/OT Cybersecurity Course. Both times, I have had an absolutely wonderful time. I have been a space buff since I was very young, and the fact that I am able to now go there and actually teach NASA engineers, IT security staff, launch engineers and administrative staff about cyber security makes me giddy everytime I go.

The great thing about teaching at NASA is that we get to dive deeper in subjects than we normally get to. These are technical people who love to get in the weeds and understand the concepts we are teaching and learn the techniques we talk about.

I have met a lot of very nice and interesting people, and have made many friends in my travels and teachings there. There is so much history at KSC, and with SpaceX there now, the spirit of the space program is alive and kicking. I was honored to get a great lesson myself on both the history of KSC and it’s many space programs and the future of space exploration from students in my class both times I was there. This was truly one of my most fun assignments. Here are some pics from my last visit and I can’t wait to go back and teach again!


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