Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying and understanding what threats you are vulnerable to and what may already be on your network is the first step to protecting your data.

It’s no surprise that the number and intensity of data breaches has been on the rise. Seems every week we hear about another large incident involving personal and financial data. Along with the negative publicity around these breaches, the financial toll is also on the rise.

According to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a breach rose to $201 per record, and the average number of records stolen was 28,765.

This puts the total cost of an average data breach for the organization to $5.9 Million Dollars!

CDS Vulnerability and Network Threat Assessments utilize up to the minute vulnerability and threat intelligence to aid in the discovery and analysis of where your systems are vulnerable to a breach and what threats may already exist on your network.

We take your data security seriously. Our unique hardware assessment platform allows for an in-depth look at systems on your network and where they might be vulnerable to a data breach. But we don’t stop there. We also monitor real-time network traffic to see what threats are currently in your network and passing your firewall protection.

CDS utilizes an industry first very small form factor (4.2inx3.6inx3.6in) Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Platform (CDS-TVAP) to perform all internal vulnerability and threat assessments. Utilizing open source and proprietary software and methods, our CDS-TVAP system assesses the vulnerabilities of your current systems and also looks for current threat patterns on your network. The CDS-TVAP the securely connects back to CDS utilizing 4096 Bit keys and AES-256 Bit encrypted communications.



Only authorized CDS personally assigned to your project can start and view the vulnerability and threat assessment data on your CDS-TVAP according to your rules of engagement.

Once the time for the assessment has elapsed, CDS will pick up your CDS-TVAP and bring it back to CDS for analysis (unless it is a long term, multiple assessment agreement).

A security analyst reviews the data on the device, reports are prepared showing all data collected, assessment of collected data, summary data and recommendations.

These reports are then delivered and discussed for possible remediation and risk assessment.

We offer either 1-time assessments or annual assessment contracts based on an assessment frequency needed by our clients (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)

If the length and reporting frequency of the engagement is extended and multiple (which is recommended), the CDS-TVAP system can transmit all assessment data to CDS via the secure connection for analysis and report generation at multiple points throughout the engagement.

When the engagement has ended, we utilize our Data Destruction Services to eradicate the data on the CDS-TVAP, and send you a certificate of destruction if you so wish. Our data destruction equipment and techniques conform to NIST SP 800-88 specifications and meet or exceed HIPAA/HiTECH, Sox, GLBA, FACTA and other compliance regulations.  You can rest assured your data is being protected before, during and after the assessment process.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Overview