Phishing Assessments

trainingPhishing and Spear Phishing are responsible for the majority of Cybersecurity breaches we hear about today. Because users are so inundated with emails and under pressure and deadlines, these email attacks are still very successful and very dangerous. Threat actors can be very convincing with emails, especially targeted, spear phishing emails. Open rates as high as 70% have been shown in recent studies for well crafted spear phishing campaigns and generic phishing emails get a 30% to 60% open rate among untrained end users. These statistics should open the eyes of most business owners, CIO’s and CISO’s.

Organizations spend billions of hard earned dollars every year in an effort to safeguard information systems with the latest and greatest technological innovations, but spend comparatively little to train the end users of their organization on safe and effective use of their computing resources. One click of a simple, targeted link in an email is all it takes to bypass and render ineffective even the most advanced security protections.

Running a phishing or spear phishing assessment campaign with CDS can dramatically reduce the rate at which users click on unsuspecting emails. Realize that the goal of these assessment campaigns should be education and awareness. Our assessments are not designed to embarrass or persecute users who click on our emails. In contrast, our assessments are designed to be engaging and thought provoking, empowering users to use the new found knowledge they gain to further protect your organization.

CDS will work with your organization to define metrics, getting proper approval, designing the assessment and degree of difficulty, tracking the proper data (and anonymizing data where appropriate), frequency of the assessment, sharing of results and post assessment activities.

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