How CDS Can Help

termsWords, Acronyms, Geek Speak, etc. It’s a a lot to know and understand. Not every IT professional is well versed at security. Of all the IT disciplines, security is arguably one of the most difficult to obtain a deep understanding and working knowledge of. Security professionals are a passionate bunch, devoted to lifelong learning, as there is no other way to keep up.

At CDS, we are here to help. Help you understand the complexities and risks involved with your security needs. Help you through the forest of marketing campaigns and technological “silver bullets” to assure that you get the right solutions, custom to your needs. Cookie cutter does not cut it in the security field. Every business needs are unique. You deserve someone on your side to assist with your unique security needs. That someone is us.

From Training to Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Prevention to Penetration Testing, Security and Event Management to Data Loss Prevention, End of Life Data Destruction and Data Recovery,  we have the tools and the talent to help you make the right choices. Like we stated earlier, we are here to help.

At Cybersecurity Defense Solutions, we offer a myriad of diverse products and services to meet your needs, but that’s not what we are about. Those are just a means to an end. What we are about is devising a custom plan for your business’s cybersecurity needs based on our methodology and approach. By utilizing our methodologies, an organization can easily justify where it needs to invest and what risks are greatest, and our broad expertise with both proprietary and open source solutions assures that we can find an appropriate solution for every budget.

Based off the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, our solutions are organized by the following:





This is the beginning of our process. We identify assets, targets, vulnerabilities, processes, procedures and overall cybersecurity awareness. This can take the form of Vulnerability and Network Threat AssessmentsConsultingPenetration Testing and other items depending on the needs of the client.


Once we identify gaps (or if you already know you have a gap), we can then implement solutions that help to mitigate the risk of those gaps. This can come in the form of Edge Protection (Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems, Data Destruction and Equipment/Data End of Life (EOL) and other appropriate solutions.


In cybersecurity terms, there are only 2 kinds of networks – ones that have been breached and ones that don’t know they have been breached. Even the NSA treats its networks as “constantly compromised” (see this article).  It is imperative that organizations be able to detect threats to their data. This would include solutions such as;  Network and Host Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS and HIDS), Security and Information Event Management Systems (SIEM), Security Operations Center monitoring, Data Recovery and Forensics and others.


In the event of a breach, nothing is more important than a Breach Response Plan and to have practiced that plan and to review it on an annual basis. How effectively and quickly you respond to a breach can mean the difference of no fines to hundreds of thousands in fines, not to mention the lost of customer confidence that inevitably comes from the disclosure of a data breach. By utilizing our Consulting Services , we can assist you with a Breach Response Plan so that you are prepared in when the inevitable happens.


Being able to recover from a major (or minor) data breach (or other data disaster) quickly and reliably is something that most places take for granted. Recovery plans need to be documented and tested, then reviewed at least annually. We have some of the best partners in the industry to provide solutions for a quick and granular recovery. 

CDS Methodology

“You’re off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters.” – Hector Barbossamonster

Monsters. What a novel noun. Brings up memories of childhood, being scared of the monster under the bed or in the closet, and our parents’ anti-monster protocols or the trusty flashlight under the covers to assure us that the monsters could be kept at bay so we could get a safe nights rest. But alas, we aren’t kids anymore. The monsters this time are real, and they lay at the edges of the map we call the Internet, probing, prodding, gathering intelligence and trying to trick you into giving up your most prized secrets – your data.

At Cybersecurity Defense Solutions, our methodologies are based around the premise that your most prized possession is your data, no matter if it’s client data, trade secrets, personal information or if its access to the systems that house your data. At origin, at rest, in motion, in use or end-of-life, we use industry standard and recognized best practices to assure that you can identify risks, protect assets, detect anomalies, respond to incidents and recover from the unthinkable.

Our cybersecurity assessment and remediation methodologies follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework:

NIST Cybersecurity Framework
NIST Cybersecurity Framework

These functions make the base of any good Cybersecurity program. We utilize this industry standard framework to help companies of all sizes evaluate and understand their cybersecurity posture. We then recommend and implement any number of open and proprietary solutions to close gaps that are deemed to risky and implement plans for continuous improvement.

Contact Us today to discuss your cybersecurity needs, schedule an assessment or to discuss issues you are having. We are here to help.